make-up lesson

Make-up lesson

Why a Make-up lesson? If you’re stuck in the same old make-up routine or you’re just not sure about make-up or which look suits you best… there’s never a reason to give up looking like the best version of yourself!  Whether you want to do your own wedding make-up or want to know how te enhace your best features, anyone can achieve a professional make-up finish for any occasion, with the right instruction, practice and tools.

Individual make-up lesson
During the individual make-up lesson by a professional make-up artist I will demonstrate how to apply your make-up and give you the opportunity to practice the techniques and ask questions. I customise the lessons to your requirements so you get the most out of your lesson. The one-on-one make up lesson will take approximately 1,5 hours and at the end you will feel confident about applying your own make up. You’ll leave with a lot of product information and a personalized face chart which will make shopping for products easier afterwards. I will bring a full professional make-up kit so you can experiment with new products and colours. In case you have your own make-up kit and tools, I recommend to bring them along so I can review and explain them. The lesson will take place in the comfort of your own home.

Bridal make-up lesson
This lesson is for brides who wish to learn how to apply their own makeup on their wedding day or brides getting married abroad. The lesson will take place in the comfort of your own house and will take approximately 2 hours. During the bridal make-up lesson I will teach you how to create a natural, radiant wedding day look just for you, however if you have another look in mind, such as a darker eye makeup, I will adjust the lesson to suit your individual needs. I will also go through your existing makeup to see what can be used and what needs to be updated for your bridal look. You will receive a full make-up list of products you will need to create your bridal look.

Make-up lesson

For women with a lot of life experience
With age comes wisdom. I believe that women of all ages can be beautiful, it’s all about knowing how to change your make-up routine to be your most elegant self. Succesfully choosing and applying make-up for mature skin is a skill. It’s worth finding out what flatters you best, updating your make-up is crucial. Embrace your age! Investing in a personal lesson will actually save you money as you’ll use up everything you buy from then on. Bring along your personal make-up bag so I can advice you which of your existing products really work for you. The personal make-up lesson for mature skin will take approximately 2 hours and will take place in the comfort of your own home.

All one-on-one make-up lessons includes:

  • Make-up product knowledge
  • Check-up of your make-up collection
  • The best techniques to enhance your features
  • Tips and tricks from the professional
  • Hands on makeup application