Get to know me

As a makeup artist, I believe in all kind of beauty


Let’s start with all the juicy details.

Ever since I started working as a makeup artist, I haven’t felt I had to go to work.

Whether I’m creating a look for an editorial, doing natural makeup for an advertising campaign or making a celebrity feel like she’s the most beautiful, I will create the required makeup look with a smile.

In 2021 I’ve launched ‘Boost your makeup business’: an online business course for makeup artists.

I consider myself lucky to do a job I absolutely adore!

I am based in Antwerp and work nationally as internationally.

makeup artist
  • I adore my job as a makeup artist.
  • I also love to travel and go to a concert.
  • Spain has stolen my heart.
  • My friends say I’m funny.
  • I like to read biographies.
  • London is my preferred city.
  • I speak five languages.
  • I’m extravert and enjoy meeting new people.
  • I can’t live without music.
  • I like to dance.
  • Lanzarote is my home away from home.
  • My style is casual chic.

I believe in collaboration, bold vision and attention to detail.


She has very enjoyable personality

Bert Braet

Creative Director

Peggy is a talented professional. She really ads value to a shooting and is very reliable partner in photo and video productions.
She’s very creative and has great make-up and hairstyling skills. Because of her great insights on spot, shootings with Peggy are mostly spot-on.
She has very enjoyable personality and is very calm during stressful moments.
Even if her work is ‘done’, she tries to help on set where she can. Peggy is one of my favourite makeup artists to work with.


She felt how I wanted my makeup done

Marleen Merckx


I got to know Peggy during a campaign shoot for The Red Cross. We clicked instantly. She felt how I wanted my makeup done and gave me immediately confidence.
She gave me lots of tips & tricks which came very useful, in my private and professional life as an actress.
Nowadays, we don’t only meet for work, we’ve also gained a lovely friendship from our collaboration!

Peggy is one of a kind.

Fred Di Bono

Founder & CEO
Bonanza TV

Peggy is one of a kind. As a MUAH, but definitely also as a person.
She’s just a lovely soul you like to bring aboard of a production: she’s talkative, sociable, funny, whitty… and just a plain good and a superb professional.
It’s a no-brainer: we’ve asked her for numerous shoots over the last few years, she’s really become the first person on our MUAH-list. Who you’re gonna call? Call Peggy!
She’s truly top-of-mind when it comes to her profession.
She lets us focus on our job, while she does hers.